Have you ever gazed at a photo of a room containing a beautiful floral arrangement and wished you knew how to incorporate a display of flowers into the decor of your own home? There are so many options to consider: Flower type, bloom color, texture, vase, and most importantly, size.

Purchasing flowers for the various areas in your home should be enjoyable and exciting, not stressful and overwhelming. Fortunately, once you know what size arrangement you need, everything else will fall into place!

Here are 5 tips to help you choose the ideal arrangement size for your space:

1. Check the counter space

Without conjuring post-traumatic stress disorder from middle school math, you’ll need to consider the ratio of counter space to size of the vase. Placing a giant vase on a small table just isn’t going to look right. By the same token, a small vase can get lost on a large surface. When planning the perfect floral arrangement for your home or office, follow these guidelines and you’ll really nail it:

  • 60-inch round tables look best with an arrangement 10-12 inches in diameter
  • 70 to 75-inch round tables work better with larger designs at least 14 inches in diameter
  • Round or square vases both work well with round tables
  • A round vase is best on a square table
  • A single centerpiece on a rectangular table can look quite lonely. Think multiple centerpieces (larger middle centerpiece with smaller arrangements on each end).

2. Consider the depth of the space

Have you ever walked into a home, a quiet cafe, or even a hotel, and noticed that the space felt completely balanced? Did it seem like everything fit together effortlessly? The majority of this feeling stems from respecting spatial relationships.

Arrangements that are taller than they are wide work beautifully with narrow tables like a sofa or entry table. A small vanity, desk, or bathroom counter works best for small arrangements that take up 25% or less of the counter space. When you match the counter depth with the vase size, a streamlined symmetry is born, creating a pleasing look and feel.

3. Keep the height in mind

Another important factor to consider is the height of an arrangement, especially at a dining table. Nobody likes peering around a centerpiece to talk to someone at a dinner party. While you want your floral to draw attention and compliments, you don’t want it to become an annoying distraction for guests. If you plan to keep your flowers in place while entertaining, keep the total height under 12 inches.

Taller and more elaborate arrangements should be saved for a kitchen island, entry table, or console table, where they can really dazzle your guests and evoke that WOW factor without getting in the way.

4. Make note of the floor-to-ceiling measurement

Lots of open space in a home or office is wonderful, but when that space is vertical, decorating can become a challenge. A room with ceilings measuring more than 8 feet high will generate a luxurious feeling, but can also appear empty and cold if not styled correctly. Those vaulted ceilings and high rise lofts require extra creativity when it comes to floral arrangements.

There are ways to fill an open space naturally so that it still feels cozy and inviting. I’ve seen a lovely combination of hanging lights that guided the eye downward toward a floral piece standing roughly 30 inches tall. The look created varying focal points, which diminished the intimidating feeling of the tall ceiling and highlighted the gorgeous flower arrangement.

Using floral arrangements in combination with other decor of varying heights can naturally transform your high-ceilinged space from sparse to welcoming with little effort.

5. Test it out

Before you invest in an arrangement, do make sure the size is appropriate. You can rough cut the shape out of a cardboard box with the approximate dimensions (depth, width, and height). Place the mock-up in your space and see how it feels. Leave it set up for a few days and each time you walk past, consider how it fits. And don’t hesitate to seek others’ opinions. Sometimes people who don’t live or work in your space will see things differently and offer an alternative perspective.

This small bit of effort will save you from having to make adjustments later, which may end up costing you more time and money. Money that could otherwise be spent on something else, like a second floral arrangement!

Keep in mind these are general guidelines to help you select the right-sized floral arrangement for your space. Flowers are meant to be an expression of creativity. And floral arrangements are a rewarding way of displaying your own artistic affections. Incorporate these sizing tips with your unique style to furnish your home with the floral arrangement of your dreams.