Were you born with a green thumb?

Perhaps you've always taken to flowers and know exactly how to keep them looking fresh and happy. Or maybe it’s a black thumb and you struggle to keep a succulent alive. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Regardless of the color of your thumb, we all know fresh flowers are delicate and, dare we say, high maintenance. A fresh floral arrangement requires daily water changes, placement in just the right light and temperature, protection from excessive sun exposure, and clean up as a result of fallen petals and leaves. Not to mention the smell when the flowers start to die.

While they are gorgeous, tending to arrangements of fresh blooms can quickly become more a nuisance than a joy. If you’re one of the many who already recognizes the numerous benefits of incorporating faux floral into your lifestyle, then you know you don’t need to be held prisoner by the maintenance demands of a fresh flower arrangement.

Following a few simple steps will keep your faux floral looking fresh as long as possible. Don’t worry, the list is short and you’ll be back to your busy life before you can spell chrysanthemum. 

1.  A quick dusting goes a long way

To keep your faux petals vibrant, a quick dusting will go a long way to help remove any debris or dust that can accumulate over time. Nothing fancy required here, a feather duster or even a dry microfiber cloth will do the trick. You need to do this about once a month, but of course it depends on where you live and how dusty your environment is.

2. Blow them off

This is my personal favorite way to keep faux blooms plush and colorful. As an alternative to dusting, use compressed air to blow any dust or dirt particles from the surface of the blooms. Or use a hairdryer to blow lightly over the flowers, but don't forget to keep the heat on low! When employing either of these methods, be sure to leave at least 15 inches between the flowers and your compressed air can or hair dryer.

3. Keep blooms out of direct sunlight

One of the easiest ways to keep your faux arrangements fresh is to keep them out of direct sunlight. Just like our skin on a summer day, direct exposure to UV light affects the color of faux petals and can also turn a water illusion from clear to a yellow-ish color. This means you’ll want to strategically place your blooms with this in mind. If possible, place the arrangement in the center of a room or in a corner where light does not directly hit it throughout the day.

4. Proper storage is everything

I absolutely love to rotate my centerpiece floral arrangements with the changing seasons. A wreath of red and white magnolias or an amaryllis arrangement during the holidays can completely transform my Southern California home into a cozy winter haven. If you have a rotation of arrangements or a seasonal piece, proper storage is key to maintaining long-lasting beauty.

Start by thoroughly dusting off the flowers, as you don’t want to store any unwanted dust or dirt with your arrangement for an extended period of time. Once the blooms are clean, place your arrangement in an airtight container.  Ensure the container allows your blooms to sit correctly; avoid bending stems or crushing flower petals because, chances are, they won’t ever return to their original state. Finally, be sure to store the container in a cool, dark, and dry place. 

One of the biggest benefits of going faux is their low maintenance and long-lasting life. If you follow these simple steps, your faux blooms are sure to look fresh and vibrant for years to come.To purchase beautiful faux floral arrangements, visit www.andsoshe.com.