Let’s be honest. Even when you try to dress it up with the term “faux,” the reputation of fake, artificial, or silk flowers automatically evokes negative feelings. And for good reason.

The vision of Grandma’s frilly and dusty coffee table arrangement instantly comes to mind. It was plastic and super fake looking and most likely had colors of flowers that don’t even exist in nature. To top it off, it probably sat in a basket that should never see the light of day again.

I totally get it.

This is NOT your grandmother’s faux flower arrangement.

Today you can choose from a vast array of faux floral blooms, but the quality varies greatly.

Maybe you’ve ordered an arrangement online that looked stunning at an unbelievably low price. Perhaps you were disappointed when it arrived because it screamed fake and certainly didn’t live up to your standards.

Did you know that in the spirit of getting away from mass production, some manufacturers are actually shifting towards crafting artificial blooms in smaller batches? This means a faux flower can be made to more closely resemble its natural counterpart and end up looking crazy real. It’s no surprise these higher-grade flowers usually cost more.

A lower-priced and mass-produced faux floral item may seem like a great value in theory, but not if you aren’t comfortable displaying it. The repeating purchases of fresh flowers also add up over time. A luxury faux flower arrangement will pay for itself many times over when you compare the cost of purchasing fresh flowers every week.

Just like any other part of your decor, faux floral begs you to make the investment in quality.

Think of the convenience.

Let’s face it. Today’s lifestyles are non-stop busy. If the latest trend is all about reminding ourselves to practice self-care, you know this world is moving at a crazy fast pace. 

Sure, creating a tranquil and relaxing space with fresh flowers seems like a great way to slow down and enjoy life. Until you have to watch those flowers wilt, make a mess and eventually die.

Coming home from a business trip and having to throw away dead flowers, wash out the vase, and then stare at the empty space they used to occupy doesn’t do much to lift the spirit.

With faux, your favorite blooms are displayed exactly the way you left them. Bright, beautiful, and inviting. The water isn’t dirty and there’s no mess of fallen leaves, petals, or pollen on the countertop. And it’s one less task on your never-ending to-do list.

Not to mention, you don’t need to wait for your favorite bloom to come into season to enjoy it.

Blending fresh with faux is the way to go.

Still not sold? Try this.

Start by placing a vase of fresh flowers or a real plant in your entryway. Then strategically display a faux floral arrangement in another area of your home. Choose somewhere that’s not too busy, as you don’t want it to feel like the arrangement is to feel like it’s overcrowding the space.

If the first items your guests notice are the fresh flowers and real plant in the entry, they’ll will assume all of the other botanicals in your home are real.

This cohesive blend of fresh and faux decor will leave your visitors to feel naturally comfortable in their surroundings and they’ll never know that some of your floral decor isn’t real.

It’s no longer faux pas.

It’s time to shed those beliefs and opinions on what faux floral looks like.

Embrace the new faux, and realize the benefits of doing so. Take your time and do your research. Above all, don’t be afraid to make the investment in high-quality materials.

Incorporating faux floral into your décor can result in a flawless look while allowing you to effortlessly enjoy your surroundings.

For more faux floral ideas for your home or office, visit www.andsoshe.com.